5 Of The Best Aussie Beaches You've Never Heard Of

5 Of The Best Aussie Beaches You've Never Heard Of


Rapid Bay, South Australia


Rapid Bay is known for its imposing cliffs, caves, beach, two jetties and artificial reefs. A resident leafy sea dragon population inhabits the bay and weedy sea dragons are also sometimes seen. It is considered to be one of Australia's premiere scuba diving sites, and has been listed featured on SportDiver as one of the world's top 9 dives. The ecological communities on the jetty pylons are well established and attract large schools of fish including Old Wives and Zebra Fish. At least 49 species of fish have been recorded in the vicinity of the Rapid Bay jetties. Giant Australian Cuttlefish and Blue-Ringed Octopus can also be found on the sea floor.

Chinamen's Beach, New South Wales


Bound by the native bushland of Bundjalung National Park, this secluded beach is a short drive from Evans Head township. Follow the walking track from Chinaman's Beach car park, down to one of the most peaceful spots along the North Coast. You'll enjoy endless coastal views from walking trails onto Goanna Headland where interpretive signs explain the significance of this site to the Aboriginal people.

Lucky Beach, Western Australia


Whilst exploring the south coast in 1802, Matthew Flinders sailed a dangerous route through the Recherche Archipelago. He named Lucky Bay when his vessel HMS Investigator took shelter here from a summer storm. While here, his botanist Robert Brown explored a diverse and largely unknown flora, discovering and naming many new species.

Golden Beach, Victoria


The 90 Mile Beach extends in both directions along the coast as far as the eye can see. It features pristine golden sands bordered by dunes and coastal vegetation.On the beach, around 6½ kilometres south-west of the Golden Beach town centre, is the Trinculo wreck. In 1879, a gale caused this cargo sailing ship to strike a sandbar just off the coast, forcing it ashore. The remains of this vessel can still be seen on the beach today.

Pebbly Beach, 

New South Wales


Pebbly Beach is famous for its friendly kangaroos. You will find a large resident kangaroo population quite happy to meet you and to pose for an instagram worthy pic. Pebbly Beach is located in Murramarang National Park and is a popular camping area with a great surfing beach and bush walks within the park. Local flora includes banksias, coastal rosemary and lomandra which grow on the exposed headlands buffeted by salty sea winds.  Keep an eye out for sea eagles soaring above, sooty oystercatchers along the shore and dolphins riding the waves out to sea. 

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